The Savannah

The Savannah

1) What is a Savannah cat?

The Savannah is a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat, making it a hybrid cat.

It is very difficult to mate due to the difference in size between the serval and the female or conversely, the fertile male (F5) and the female F1 or F2.
Males are not fertile until the fifth generation.
It can happen that an F4 male is fertile but very rarely.
All foundation Savannahs have an F and a number that indicate the number generations that separate them from their ancestor, the serval.
When the kitten has Savannah parents for at least three generations, it becomes Savannah SBT, i.e. a pure Savannah.

There are several advantages to adopting a Savannah SBT.
The Savannah SBT is more consistent in its type.
Its personality, size and temperament are more uniform.
Among its features are large ears with ocelli, a slender body, long legs and splendid spotted fur like the Serval.

2) What size can my Savannah become?

The size varies according to the size of the parents and the generation of the kitten.
The largest are the F1 and F2 males, between 16 and 30 pounds.
The F3, F4 and F5 generations are generally smaller while maintaining their wild look.

3) Savannah’s temperament

I would say he is more feline than the typical cat. The Savannah prefers to play rather than sleep.
He is a very active cat, you have to be ready to devote a little time every day to play with him. He is very agile, he is an excellent climber, curious as anything.
He will make you laugh with all his many prowess. He is also a very intelligent cat.

He will bring you his favorite toy or follow you around the house like a dog.
He is very loyal to his master. In addition, this feline loves water and will accompany you probably occasionally in the bath. And of course, the moments of tenderness and hugs are waiting for you!

The Savannah will easily adapt to its surroundings, children, dogs or other cats.

In conclusion, I would say that with a Savannah, there is no time to get bored!
For its diet and health, the Savannah is like any other breed of cat.