Kittens like to scratch. It is their way to mark their territory, to feed themselves, 
to play and to get rid of pieces of their dead claws. We have to make sure to provide them 
an appropriate place to exercise this daily activity.

The best solution is buying a piece of wood covered with carpet, 
sold in pet shops. Be sure that this post is solid and stable enough to resist your pet’s ferocity!

To incite kittens to use this post rather than the divans, you can rub catnip on it.

Avoid holding your kitten’s front paws and rubbing them on the post while imitating the desired gesture. 
You may create a negative association between this gesture, the post and yourself! 
The result could be exactly the opposite than the one you are looking for.

Do not declaw your kittens because it is a very painful operation for them. 
Moreover there are not only the claws that are taken off but also the toes’ entire tips!
The cat’s personality changes when it is declawed.

All of our Savannahs have their claws and we advise against declawing.

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